For Kyra, unfortunate events were something that happened to other people. Something deep inside always kept her on the fringe of trouble, rather than in the middle of it. It was hard to explain, just a feeling that she should follow a certain path. Common sense, perhaps. But it felt like more. Now it was telling her it was time to go, to follow a path that would take her into the wild moors, the Broken Lands, and beyond. Could she really leave her friends, her father figure and the place she called home behind? But each day the urge to explore became stronger.

To the south, the questions facing Emerald were altogether more disturbing. The Morkai, her brethren, were mobilising under the guidance of the prophet. For the first time, she questioned the ancient ways.  But, for now, there was a job to perform. It was distasteful, but there was a contract, and disobedience would make her an outcast, hunted by her own people. So, she signalled to her followers, and slowly the assassins closed on the village.


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